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New Member Registration

Postby administrator » Wed Dec 20, 2006 9:53 pm

New Member Registration

In an effort to slow down the posting of spam we have changed the procedure required for new members to register. If a new member desires to register please follow the following two steps:

1) Click on the register link in the top menu and fill out the member registration form.

2) When you are done registering, please send the administrator an email to: mail “AT” You replace the "AT" with @ and remove any spaces. In the email subject line please put “Crown Point Indiana Discussion Board Registration” and in the body of the email please ask to be registered on the board and tell us what your user name is and what City you are from. This helps to prevent scammers from Africa who have no clue what this forum is about.

Most registrations are approved within 12 hours.

We have changed our registration procedure because we were getting 25+ spam postings a day from automated spam bots that troll the Internet registering on popular discussion boards and then posting spam.

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