C.P. zeros in on Summit Street land

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C.P. zeros in on Summit Street land

Postby Big Dog » Thu Nov 24, 2005 10:57 pm

C.P. zeros in on Summit Street land

CROWN POINT | There's only one roadblock left preventing the city's planned widening of Summit Street: Shawn White's duplex.

The city filed a condemnation complaint Thursday to take the property, at 115 and 117 E. Summit St., through eminent domain.

Assistant City Attorney Pat Schuster told the Redevelopment Commission this week White was the only homeowner on the south side of Summit Street between North Main Street and Merrillville Road with whom the city wasn't able to reach an agreement. The city plans to tear down the houses.

"He wants more in terms of value," Schuster said.

Court documents show the Redevelopment Commission offered White $132,500 on May 5.

White could not be reached for comment.

Court proceedings could take up to four months, but Schuster said he expects the city to be able to take the land. In any case, construction on the road would probably not begin until March or April, he added.

City officials started talking to residents on the strip of land a year ago about acquiring their properties to widen the road and improve traffic flow. The city has the right to force the sale of the private property since it's doing so for public purposes.

The move should help future plans for the southeast corner of North Main and Summit streets. Until recently, the city had a deal with Midco Whiteco, Crown Point LLC to develop the three acres, with a Starbucks, bank and restaurant planned for the location.

Under the agreement, the city expanded its tax increment financing district boundaries to include the land and capture money generated to move utility lines, remove stormwater sewer lines and perform environmental cleanup costing $93,000.

In October, the city learned Midco Whiteco was looking to sell the development to Matthew Gurvey, of Illinois-based Gracie Capital Inc. The sale is not expected to affect plans.
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