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$$ for votes

Postby Super Fly » Sat Jan 19, 2008 10:36 pm

CROWN POINT | A last-minute advertising blitz may have helped thrust Mayor David Uran ahead of challenger Gayle Van Sessen in the 2007 general election.

"We just made sure that we were reminding all the voters that this is a very important election and their vote counts," he said. "A lot of stuff we did was new and innovative and re-energized the voter to come out and do their part."

Uran outpaced Van Sessen in the last leg of the election race in contributions and expenditures, the candidates' campaign finance reports filed Wednesday show.

Among Uran's expenditures was $5,950 spent on airplane advertising with National Sky Ads.

Between Oct. 13 and Dec. 31 he spent about $36,200, which was about $14,800 more than Van Sessen spent.

"I don't think I would have done anything differently," Van Sessen said. "I think this community was inundated with information from the candidates, so I don't think that was necessary. I think the amount of money spent on these types of campaigns is a lot. It almost seems like it's too much."

Uran's expenditures dwindled his war chest to only $1,602.66 and nearly $10,300 in debts owed, his report shows. Van Sessen still has about $26,700 in her coffers.

"We weren't in it to make money," Uran said.

In the last month before the election, Uran raised $25,850 in itemized and $1,050 in unitemized contributions, according to his report. Van Sessen raised $17,188 in itemized and $172.98 in unitemized contributions during that same period.

State law requires any contributions more than $100 to be itemized.

Developers Jim Hawk, Todd Kleven, Ryan and Tom Fleming poured funds in Uran's coffers late into his campaign.

Tom Fleming donated $1,000 through two of his development companies, Hawk gave $900, Kleven donated $600, and Ryan Fleming gave $100 in the last month before the election, records show. Kleven and Hawk gave their last donations just days before the election.

Developer Rossman and Associates gave $2,000 in office space to Uran's campaign, and Mitre Kutanovski donated $3,000 in office space for Uran's campaign headquarters on North Main Street, records show.

Local businessman Bill McCall, who is co-owner of Conservative Cafe, gave $5,000 to Uran.

The bulk of Van Sessen's late donations came from the Lake County Republican Central Committee, which forked out more than $10,500 in campaign mailings. Van Sessen later paid the committee $4,500, records show. Most of her remaining donations were smaller donations from local residents.

"I'm very pleased with the support that I had," Van Sessen said.
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