Toddlers Baking in the Sun

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Toddlers Baking in the Sun

Postby Fancy » Wed Jun 21, 2006 2:44 pm

I am highly disappointed in Mayor Klein and his administration!!! There is a toddler group that used to meet in the civic center, but in the sweltering heat the group has been moved outdoors to meet in the park. I cant fathom any responsible or caring adult making a decision like this! There is a shelter, but the toys (which the kids are attracted to most) are in the direct sun.

Mayor Klein doesn't take calls pertaing to matters such as this (you would think that the welfare of Crown Point children would be one of his highest priorities - but I guess that it doesnt fit into his "busy" schedule to take calls pertaining to them), his assistant sees nothing wrong with children baking in the sun, and the director of the parks department thinks that its just fine.

Why kick the kids out where they can be burned when they could meet in the civic center where there is airconditioning??? Its obvious that the childrens health and best interest isnt being considered. At the last childrens group meeting it was 90 plus (not counting the humidity and heat index) causing the children to get over heated quickly. I dont blame the parents who have taken their children out of the group.

Maybe Mayor Klein and his administration should start taking better care of the residents that Crown Point has NOW rather then putting so much focus on expansion. Shame on all of them for doing this to those little toddlers!
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Re: Toddlers Baking in the Sun

Postby Starbrst34 » Wed Jun 21, 2006 9:51 pm

That's just plain cold hearted. This antic not only makes it rough for the toddlers, but it makes the group inaccessible to those with respiratory or other health problems.

I know of several mothers who have taken their children out of the toddler group as a result of the children being exposed to such conditions and its really a shame that innocent toddlers have to pay for the ignorance of those who are in Crown Points administration who are allowing this to take place.
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Postby blossom » Sat Jun 24, 2006 11:03 am

I cannot believe how the Parks Department and the Mayor's Office have handled this issue. What strikes me as odd is that neither one seem to care about the health and safety of the children.

It is not safe to have toddlers out in the blazing sun for any length of time. They're running around playing on top of already being hot from the sun, and that's asking for heat stroke or dehydration. Little ones don't know when enough's enough. That's why as parents we have to be responsible to make those decisions for them.

You would think with it being so hot, they would have the program in the civic center (where it's air conditioned) so the children can play safely. I don't see the director of the Parks Department running around out there among the kids so they can see how hot it really is. Maybe they should try that?

As far as Dan Klein goes, he's too busy to take any kind of calls pertaining to issues like this. I would think that he would take those phone calls, because these are the children of Crown Point. You would think that they would be important to him. He's just worried about what kind of farmland to develop next I guess. I just think that the whole situation in sickening. It's not fair to have to leave so many kids out!
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