dear crown point

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dear crown point

Postby backhomeagain » Fri Nov 18, 2005 10:58 am

greetings from burning France.

so i went out and saw the world, am 29, out of money and am returning to Sofa City chez mes parents in december. oh and my big bro is still there and i'm sure you all know him and love him at the bars...

i'd like to think of this return to CP like that scene in Big Fish when Ewan MacGregor dances barefoot with Steve Buscemi and that dumb look he has on his face. can we pretend? i'm in the midst of writing a novel and i'd like to come live back in CP for a year and base part of the book on the town.

in the meantime, i need a job. and some local pals to hang out with. maybe there are still some kids left from CPHS class of 94. maybe you are all married and need a babysitter? i still don't drive after all these years (too much traffic and pollution anyway) so maybe i could get a job at a cute lil boutique around the square (i have excellent customer service skills) and live in the flat above it. or something. anybody have any leads?

did you know the drummer from Reverend Horton Heat is from CP? i learned that at a sweaty rock n roll concert somewhere...

Crown Point really is a cool lil town...
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dear cp

Postby ceilingsarecool » Thu Nov 24, 2005 10:01 pm

I didn't know there was another class o'94 type with literary aspirations. Literacy and being literate were not popular qualities with our class, as I recall too well.

Were you aware that there is a book already written about Crown Point, particularly about all the scandals that happened with the rich families up on Court Street? I guess some folks had the sense to be embarrassed enough by their own behavior to supress publication for awhile. It was being sold as a fundraiser a few years back, there's almost guaranteed to be a copy at the old library in the Indiana room.

Good luck with the novel writing. Depending on who you are, I might be happy to offer the support of a fellow writer.
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funny thing the internet is

Postby backhomeagain » Mon Nov 28, 2005 10:27 am

we'll go have a drink over the holidays, ceilingsarecool. wink wink. it's my last week in paris and i'm back in CP on friday. and it appears, from this distance, that i shall have to return to chicago for a job. c'est pas vrai.

i really want to find a job around the square and live a small town life for bit. from what i remember, CP folks are kind. perhaps it could use a bit of integration, a hell of a lot of other places on planet earth... but it's still peaceful. and pretty.

any other class of 94ers out there? our reunion was canceled. not enough interest i heard. we weren't really a very tight-knit group, were we...
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