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Neighbors of the Main St. Cafe

PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2011 11:41 pm
by WallyWorld Girl
First was pop culture...fond memories
Then the Coffee Cup...fine if wanted to be all alone, literally!
Next the blink of an eye and they"ve already closed their door...Mr. Greek.
Incoming sometime soon, Crown Town Cafe.
It's hard doing a review when the papersign hangs in the window and tables haven't been placed.
I'd like a greasy spoon that hasn't a foothold in Crown Point since the dawn of man.
Yet a few folks cant stand the thought of it.
Raising cane that no one should ever open one diner right next door to an established one.
If prices are right, the service doesn't make you want to pull your out. Goto to save the small owner.
I'll start urban link in it's honor. Historybooks wont verify this but it is claimed that Elizabeth Taylor once
removed chewing gum from her shoe in that very doorway and stuck it to the doorjam. True story.

Re: Neighbors of the Main St. Cafe

PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2011 1:24 pm
by WallyWorld Girl
Well opening day was this monday, and I missed it. On a stormy afternoon, I pulled open the door and sat down on a swivel stool. Ate alittle food and left hungry. I know it's just a diner, so what to say? Im used to the extra super value meal menus plastered by colorful images of food and a cashier that drives home that i really want to upsize and have an apple pie to go along. Thats how one gets wired or programmed for lunch. I blame the rain and cold wet feet for needing comfort. It was cool to witness actual customers compared to previous ventures. Does a building actually hold the memory of what was once there?? Before it was "Ill just have coffee" Talk to me people and tell me your speciality. Tell the guy to ask me to try a roast beef. And the music was too soft...using electricity for sensitive hearing. Pump up the jams.