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is located
in the lower level of
The Historic Lake County Courthouse
in Crown Point, Indiana

(219) 663-4527
Hours:  Monday - Saturday 10:00 - 5:00
Friday 10:00 - 7:00

The Entryway of LaFleur Welcomes You

If it's anywhere near Christmastime, 
LaFleur is always ready with selections 
for holiday giving.

Spode - Ornaments on the Tree

For the first showing this year, LaFleur features Spode "Ornaments on the Tree."

Some other artists and collections
featured at LaFleur
Celadon bath products
Christopher Radko holiday ornaments
Filigree fragrances and bath products
Galanti fine crystal giftware
Lady Primrose bath products
Leaps & Bounds frog magic collectibles
Repiritif skin products
Rovelli crystal
Shelly Kyle fragrances and bath products
Vintage Editions frames

Distinct Gifts are Always Available at LaFleur

LaFleur is a part of
The Courthouse Shops
of Crown Point, Indiana

Louise Auger figurines

LaFleur features silk flowers, crystal, brass, porcelain, and object d'art.
The photo above captures a glimpse of
Louise Auger figurines.

LaFleur Welcomes You
Irmgard Claussen, of LaFleur, 
will be pleased to assist you 
as you browse the shop.